GERMANY, CONEWAGO, UNION, MOUNT JOY, MOUNT PLEASANT AND STRABAN TOWNSHIP is the first volume in a new Original PA Land Records Series for Adams County. It is a companion to Connected Survey Map #1 for these townships. The accompanying map (available separately) graphically illustrates how all these early original surveys fit together, encompassing some 85,696 total acres.

The Foreword to this series is written by Charles H. Glatfelter, PhD., Professor of History - emeritus, Gettysburg College, retired.

In this volume may be found:

+ Detailed summaries of 418 original land tracts; including three grants under authority of Maryland with source documentation, beginning in the Colonial Era for these six townships. The Manor of Maske lands are excluded from this research series.

+ 127 “Tract Names” given to colonial plantations.

+ An index of some 835 names for persons associated with early land acquisition or early roads.

+ 69 West Side Applications, between 1765 and 1769.

+ The Boundary dispute between PA and Maryland.

+ Colonial surveying detail and concepts.

+ Detail on the formation of Adams County in 1800.

+ A listing of six colonial churches and their locations.

+ A summary of colonial boroughs and villages, their founding dates and locations.

 ISBN 0-9718125-6-X $15.00 USD

Map #1, Adams County - Southeast: connected survey map, 36 by 48 inches, 1"=1,884 feet scale, four color on bond paper, $20.00.

Volume One - $15.00 USD. Book and companion map (sold sep. - $20) are available by January 1, 2008.

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