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    YORK COUNTY BOOKS: Volumes 1-4: $8.00, each; Volume 5: $15.00; Volume 6: $18.00; Volume7-8: $15.00, each; Volume 9: $18.00; Volume 10: $15.00; Volume 11: $8.00; Volume 12-16: $15.00, each; How to Plot Land Surveys - $12.50.

    Click (above drop-down list) to identify the available Volume(s) in the Land Records Series, then  MANUALLY enter the Quantity and Volume description, below.

    YORK COUNTY CONNECTED SURVEY MAPS: Pricing summary - All maps are 36 by 48 INCH, four-color plotted on bond paper, $20.00, each. Shrewsbury-Springfield maps are still blueprint - five in the set ($8.00 each blueprint), Hopewell Township maps are still blueprint - four in the set ($8.00 each). For the blueprint maps - send me the NAME(s) your are researching, and I'll send only the map that applies to your work.

    ADAMS COUNTY BOOKS: All Volumes now in print and available.


    ADAMS COUNTY MAPS: All Maps are now in print and available.


    Click (above drop-down list) to identify the available Volume(s) in the Land Records Series, then  MANUALLY enter the Quantity and Volume description, below.

    Click (above drop-down list) to identify the Map(s) in the series, then MANUALLY enter the Quantity and Map in the form, below.
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    4. Shipping: 1 book = $2.50; 2-5 books = $3.00; more than 5 books = free

                          1 map = $5.00; 2-5 maps = $5.00; more than 5 maps = free

    Unless otherwise stipulated, books and maps will be sent by USPS Media Mail; single books in a mailing envelope; three or more books, boxed; maps rolled in a 36 inch cardboard shipping tube.

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